Merton Park Ward

Merton Park Ward is one of 20 wards in the London Borough of Merton. It includes parts of the London postal districts

of SW19 and SW20, and also part of the Morden (Surrey) postal district of SM4. The Merton Park Ward boundary lies

within the Wimbledon constituency boundary.

1. Map of our Ward Boundary

For a detailed map showing every street and ward boundary in Merton, please click here .

Merton Park Ward

2. 2011 Census Data

To view demographic details from the 2011 Census click here   and rotate clockwise!



3. Council Services for your Household

The My Neighbourhood site provides useful information about Council services for your address,

including waste collections, schools, libraries and GP surgeries.



4. Crime Records

Click here to access a site which tracks and records crime in your area.



5. Conservation Areas - advice for households

Merton Park Ward contains several Conservation Areas (CA): John Innes Merton Park CA, Wimbledon Chase CA

and parts of John Innes Wilton Crescent CA and Merton Hall Road CA. This pamphlet ( Click here ) prepared in 2012,

explains the rules governing alterations to buildings in these areas. The text was provided by MPWRA in response  to

requests from our residents who wanted a clear explanation of do’s and don’ts.  So, as well as explaining the background,

it also provides practical advice on how properties can be modified within the rules – and what is not allowed.

We hope that if you are considering work on your property and you live in a Conservation Area you find this leaflet useful. 


6. Health profiles for Merton and our ward

The following link provides 2014 Health Profiles for local authorities from Public Health England. These contain a

summary of information on the health of people in Merton and some factors that may influence their health.  You can find

the Health Profile for Merton by clicking on the ‘Find Profiles’ button on the left of the page. 

click here for Merton Profile

The following link provides information down to ward level.   click here for Merton Park Ward

AND here is the 2015 Health Profile for Merton Park Ward (i.e. 2014 data)

7. Ward Profiles for Merton Park and all other Merton wards

Here are more general ward profiles summarising MP and Councillor representation, qualifications, employment, home ownership and other local information.

The Photos tab on the left shows you some views around the ward.