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***Air Quality Action Plan***

Poor air quality in the borough is a major cause of concern for residents, businesses and visitors.  Merton has produced a Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) that builds on existing measures and develops several more actions to improve air quality.  The council is holding a consultation on the AQAP to hear the views of residents, including residents' groups, as well as businesses and visitors to the borough.

The consultation runs until 2 November.  This link takes you to the AQAP report and the consultation


***Next Meeting, email alerts and joining MPWRA***

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 1 November at 8pm in Merton Park Primary School.  The special topic will be Merton's Parks and Open Spaces.  Our speaker is  Patrick Phillips from idVerde, the company which is responsible for maintaining all our green spaces around the borough.  We shall be especially interested to hear and discuss how the outsourcing of these services is performing.

There will also be plenty of time to put questions and to hear from our Independent Ward Councillors.  Everyone is welcome.

Many thanks to all those residents who display our posters to inform their neighbours.  You can download a poster for the meeting here a couple of weeks before the meeting.

You can sign up to receive our email alerts on important and urgent issues.  Just put "alerts" in the title and your address in the body of your email to us.

We hope that you will feel that you would like to join MPWRA to help support our efforts to look after our ward, including FORUM circulation.  It's easy to join.  Just click here.

***Plans to Close Wimbledon Police Station***

The Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) is consulting on proposals to close police stations across London as part of cost saving measures designed to save £400m by 2020.  Wimbledon Police Station would close and policing operations would  transfer to the Mitcham Station;  the Wimbledon Station would be sold for redevelopment.  (The existing 24/7 front counter is at Wimbledon. The MPS proposes moving this to Mitcham which is currently a daytime facility. Wimbledon Station could then be sold and response policing will probably be based from Mitcham along with SNT staff. It is anticipated an office/base for local SNT staff will be required in Wimbledon.)

The MOPAC consultation on these proposals ran until Friday 6 October and can be accessed here.

MPWRA submitted a formal response to the consultation which you can read here.

Stephen Hammond, our MP, is campaigning against the proposed closure of Wimbledon Police Station, citing its key role close to a major transport hub and at the heart of Wimbledon's night time economy.  Wimbledon's front counter records 2.6 crime reports per day on average, against 0.7 for Mitcham.  He set up an on-line petition, which you can sign here .


***Future of Epsom & St Helier Hospitals***

Learn about plans for the Trust on our Local Issues page.


***Consultation on Dog Control Public Space Protection Orders***


A borough-wide public consultation is being conducted on proposed new dog control measures in Merton. The proposals will have significant impacts on the management of dogs in our parks.  It takes only a few minutes to complete.

This link explains the background to the consultation and includes a link to the online survey.

The survey runs until October 30.  It's perhaps surprising that an issue as relatively minor as this is given such a long consultation period compared with most other issues.


***Morden Regeneration***


There are extensive  plans to regenerate Morden.  This is a truly massive project which will potentially completely transform the look, shape and size of Morden.  The latest news on redevelopment was covered in our Autumn 2016 edition of FORUM.

We devoted our June 2017 Meeting to Morden Regeneration.  Paul McGarry, Head of Future Merton, updated us on the project. Click here to view the slides presented at our meeting.The slides demonstrate that the project has not reached the stage of putting forward specific plans.

Nevertheless, work on the regeneration is picking up the pace.  2017 is expected to be a critical year.  A developer will be appointed and a public consultation will be planned.  We also understand that there will be opportunities for residents to get involved in the process.

Here is the September 2017 update from Merton Council, including comments on the timetable and financing.

There will be further updates in our email alerts (sign up here if you wish to receive them) and we will add to our dedicated Local Issues page on Morden Regeneration as more information becomes available.


***Crossrail 2***


In March 2017 TfL submitted an updated business case and funding plan for Crossrail 2 to the Dept for Transport.  Following several months when no statements were made, Wimbledon MP Stephen Hammond received the following reply from the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport, Paul Maynard MP:

"As with all transport scheme proposals a thorough analysis is being carried out by my department to ensure it is a robust scheme.  This includes examining whether the National Infrastructure Commission's detail recommendations on the scheme have been taken into account.  The next steps and timescales, including when the next stage of public consultaion will take palce, will therefore be decided as part of this analysis."

The Secretary of State for Transport and the Mayor of London have both stressed the need for new infrastruacture, including Crossrail 2.  However, the Mayor has made it clear that he regards the plans consulted on as inappropriate for Wimbledon and needing revision.

It seems the next consultation will take place in early 2018.  This will put back the timetable previously publicised (see our Local Issues page).  Potentially the Parliamentary Bill might be introduced in 2019 and passed in 2021/22.  Construction might start in perhaps 2023, finishing in 2033.  


Friends of Wimbledon Town Centre can be contacted at . They recently met Jennifer Bryden, Local Engagement Manager for Crossrail 2 (South) and Maddy Williams (working on Crossrail 2 from Network Rail) who confirmed that:

• The next public consultation on CR2 will follow Government approval of TfL’s revised business case. The ball is currently in TfL’s court – to examine ways of improving the overall affordability of the scheme and the proportion of construction costs to be funded by the Mayor.
• Subject to agreement on financing, the next consultation is most likely to start in January 2018.
• Wimbledon is recognised by CR2 to be ‘unique’ because of the scale of work required and its impact on the Town Centre. TfL is already working with Merton Council to mitigate the impact of the construction works, so that Wimbledon can continue to function.
• Land and property required for CR2 work will be obtained by compulsory purchase order where necessary. After construction of the railway, surplus land will be sold by CR2 to be used or developed in line with the Council’s planning framework.
• Suggestions made during the 2015/16 consultation have been investigated, some in detail and at considerable expense.
• The next set of consultation proposals will present a preferred option for Wimbledon, plus three other options with an analysis which demonstrates why these are not preferred. It is not impossible that one of the non-preferred options could be selected following the consultation exercise.
• When the consultation proposals are published, information will be provided online, in hard-copy documents and at ‘drop-in events’ (like the displays outside Morrisons in the winter of 2015/16).
• Because of the scale of impact on Wimbledon Town Centre, CR2 accepts that there is also a need to hold at least one town-hall style meeting in Wimbledon during the eight-week consultation period.

For further background and ideas on Crossrail 2 go to our Local Issues Page .

Michelle Dix, Managing Director of Crossrail 2, recently gave an interview to the Wimbledon Guardian making clear there is "no easy solution for Wimbledon town centre".



***Waste Collection Proposed Changes***


Merton  is  going  ahead  with  plans  to  introduce  wheelie bins  for  all  waste  collections  as  it  joins  a  multi-borough scheme: South London Waste Partnership (SLWP) covers Merton,  Sutton,  Croydon  and  Kingston  Councils.  SLWP has  chosen  Veolia  to  handle  waste  collection  and  street cleaning services across the four boroughs.  Veolia took over the service in early 2017 and the scheme itself will start in 2018. They will collect:

•  Non-recyclable  rubbish  fortnightly from  a  240  litre wheelie bin
•  Paper  and  card  from  another  240  litre  wheelie  bin fortnightly
•  Plastic, glass and tin fortnightlyfrom a 55 litre box on alternate weeksto paper and card
•  Food waste collected weekly as now
•  Garden Waste fortnightly as now for an annual fee

See Local Issues for the background to this item.


***Morden Northern Line Depot - Major Development


To improve the frequency of trains on the Northern Line,  TfL  are  planning  major  works  for  Morden Depot in the south of our ward. This will enable an  increase  in  the  number  of  trains  which  can  be stabled there and the installation of a new signalling system. Site works are scheduled to start in January 2018 and will take a year to complete. The works need to be managed around the Mosque, housing and local schools in the area. Our councillors have  been  discussing  the  plans  with  TfL  and  met them at the depot in May and August.

The planned works are outlined in this presentation.



***Diesel Surcharge and MP2***


We reported in December that the council are introducing a hefty surcharge on annual CPZ fees for owners of diesel vehicles.  We had argued for a delay in its introduction to give residents time to review what kind of cars they should buy or drive until 2018/19 at the earliest.

MP2 Proposed CPZ: The (qualified) good news is that Merton seems to have heard some of our arguments in scrutiny and announced that CPZs recently consulted upon but not yet implemented will not immediately be charged the levy as residents were not made aware of the levy during the consultation process. Residents with diesel cars in the new MP2 CPZ which started at the end of August 2017 willd not face the new surcharge until 2018/19.  

To be crystal clear, we believe air-quality in general and diesel-related pollution in particular are major concerns for Merton.  But a well-publicised plan to levy a diesel surcharge in the foreseeable future would in itself have sent a strong signal to car owners and given them time to plan their car ownership.  Instead the measure looks like a purely revenue-raising measure penalising captive residents.

The MP2 scheme was due to be introduced in July.  Letters to explain all the implementation details should have been delivered in June but the council failed to circulate them.  The implementation was postponed in order that all residents could be properly informed of the arrangements.  The scheme opened at the end of August 2017.

The Revised Leaflet explained the plans.  It was delivered to all households in the MP2 area.

 Background: An initial consultation was undertaken in September-October 2016 on the potential introduction of a CPZ to address the parking problems near the Nelson Health Centre.  Following a positive result in several of the roads a formal consultation was held on a CPZ, MP2, in Bakers End, Cannon Hill Lane (from Kingston Road to railway bridge), Cleveland Avenue and Manor Road.  Residents in Leafield Road were formally consulted on whether they wished to join the MP1 CPZ.  Manor Gardens, Watery Lane and Aylward Road will not be part of the further consultation.  The consultation ran until 10 March. 

To see the results of the informal consultation and decision Click here .


***Property Company for Merton***

Like other local authorities, Merton council owns many sites around the borough; some are shops, offices and commercial premises (particularly in Morden) while others are undeveloped land.  Council policy has been to sell surplus sites to developers through a competitive bidding process. Although this generates a one-off capital receipt, the council does not benefit financially from the site once developed and capital receipts cannot be used to meet revenue needs, such as adult social care.

As the demand for property to rent is growing strongly, Merton has formed a Local Authority Property Company (LAPC) with the aim of developing its own housing for private rent.

For more details see Local Issues.


***Closure of John Innes Path***


The path to take walkers around Rutlish School from John Innes park to John Innes Recreation Ground was opened on 5 September.  The path was originally scheduled to be completed by February 2017.  The works finally received planning permission in March but work was delayed until July after the exam period.  The planner's report can be viewed here.

Further details on our Local Issues page.



***New Community Scooter Park***


Poplar Primary School have created a Community Scooter Park - believed to be thew first in the UK.  Their Crowd fundraising Campaign  successfully raised £20,000 just before its self-imposed end-April deadline.  You can watch the scooter park in action and learn more about the scheme in this video .

We are thrilled that the school has brought derelict land back into use for not only the school but the whole community.  MPWRA members organised a collection and donated a bench for the planned natural area which will be planted with bluebells, snowdrops and spring bulbs.


***FORUM - Spring Edition***

The Autum edition of FORUM will be delivered to every household in Merton Park Ward around the end of October by our wonderful volunteers.  You can read the Spring Edition now.  Click Here.


***Our Health, Our NHS***

At our September 2016 meeting senior managers from Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust talked about the challenges (there's that word again) facing the Trust.

For more details of the Trust's Estates Review click here and to learn more about the Trust itself click here .

And Healthwatch Merton News -  click here


***Morden Leisure Centre and Morden Park Playing Fields***


Plans for Morden Leisure Centre have been approved by Merton's Planning Applications Committee.  Merton's latest information (August 2017) on the Centre is here .

Read previous updates on the scheme to build a replacement Leisure Centre in Morden Park.  (Chris Parsloe, Merton's Leisure and Cultural Development Manager, talked to us about the new Centre in November 2016.)

There are also plans to build an inclusive outdoor sports facility under the auspices of the Morden Park Playing Fields Community Trust.  These plans were delayed so that they could proceed in step with the new Leisure Centre.  The plans can be viewed here

Together these two projects promise to transform a large part of Morden Park.


***Meetings, News & Membership***

You can download details and a poster for our next meeting normally two weeks before the meeting (held on the first Wednesday of the month) by clicking here.  If you can, please print and display the poster to let your neighbours know what's in store.

(We hold an open meeting every month (except January and August) with specialist speakers, always leaving time to question our Independent Ward Councillors.) 

 You can also  sign up to receive email alerts on important and urgent issues.  Just put "alerts" in the title and your address in the body of the email.

Without financial support we cannot exist.  If you would like to join us to help us to support you and your neighbours and keep you informed of all important issues (and keep Merton Park Independent), please click here to download and print off and return the 2016 membership form.



Our newsletter, FORUM, is compiled, edited and distrubuted by our volunteers.  We hope you enjoy it and that you will feel that you would like to join MPWRA to help support our efforts to look after our ward, including FORUM circulation.  It's easy to join.  Just click here.


***Other News***


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