Merton Park Ward Residents' Association

Welcome to the website of the Merton Park Ward Residents' Association (MPWRA). Here's where to get updates on local events and issues, read information behind the stories and give your opinions on things that matter to you by emailing us.   


*** The Council Elections will be held on 3 May ***

MPWRA are sponsoring three Independent Resident candidates to stand for election as your ward councillors: Edward Foley, Peter Southgate and Dickie Wilkinson.

Our volunteers have delivered our Election Leaflet to every household in the ward.  It tells you who we are and what we stand for.  It also highlights some of the things our councillors have done over the past four years and what they aim to do for you in the future.  You can read it now.  Let us know what you think of it!

The fact that we are able, yet again, to sponsor three candidates is entirely down to the support of our members.  Many have supported us since we started in 1990.  Merton Park has been represented by Independent Residents councillors ever since.  They are accountable to MPWRA members - and we are proud and thankful for their achievements.

Don’t forget to make sure you’re registered to vote!  Tuesday 17 April is the latest date to register
in  time  to  vote  on  3 May.  Go  to for  more  information,  to  register  to  vote  or  to apply for a postal vote. If you have any questions about voter registration email


*** Our Next Meeting is on Wednesday 9 May***

It will be held in Merton Park Primary School at 8pm.   Our speaker will be Andrew Whittington who will be presenting the work of Merton MencapEveryone is welcome.  It's a week later than usual as the local elections are on 3 May.

Many thanks to all those residents who display our posters to keep their neighbours informed.


***  FORUM - alerts - MEMBERSHIP  ***

The Spring edition of our FORUM newsletter will be delivered, as usual, to every household in the ward over the next few days by our wonderful volunteers.  You can read it now if you click here.   And to see our ten-year archive click here.

You can sign up to receive our email alerts on important and urgent local issues.  Just put "alerts" in the title and your address in the body of your email to us.

We hope you enjoy reading FORUM and that you will feel that you would like to join MPWRA to help support our efforts to look after our ward, including FORUM circulation.  It's easy to join us.  Just click here.

*** Read the background  ***

To read about the issues which are relevant to us in Merton Park go to our Local Issues page.  If you want to raise others please do get in touch.



***This website contains . . .***


Notice Board
See what's happening around your area - social events, advice, support, etc, submitted by you.
Local Issues
News of relevance to our Ward; issues of interest to our residents.   For example:
     Morden Town Centre Development     
     Nelson Hospital     
About Us
Learn more about MPWRA, including our history, organization, objectives and meetings.  
Find out how to contact  or join us.
The Ward
See a map of the ward, information about your local services, policing, health and some familiar sights.
Our Councillors
Merton Park Ward's Independent Councillors, including their contact details.

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