Morden Regeneration

June 2017:

We devoted our June Meeting to Morden Regeneration.  Paul McGarry, Head of Future Merton, updated us on the project. Click here to view the slides presented at our meeting.The slides demonstrate that the project has not reached the stage of putting forward specific plans.

Nevertheless, work on the regeneration is picking up the pace.  2017 is expected to be a critical year.  A developer will be appointed and a public consultation will be planned.  We also understand that there will be opportunities for residents to get involved in the process.

November 2016:

There are extensive  plans to regenerate Morden.  The designated development area has been expanded to extend from the Peugeot garage on Morden Road to the Mosque at Morden South, London Road.  It is shown on this map

This is a truly massive project which will potentially completely transform the look, shape and size of Morden.  The latest news on redevelopment is contained in our Autumn edition of FORUM.

Here is the latest update from Merton Council on Morden Town Centre Development (see Morden Newsletter September 2016).

A public consultation was held in the weeks leading up to 11 November 2015.  This link  takes you to background information about the plans.  A group of us, comprising MPWRA members, including Committee members, have convened specifically to follow the outlook and implications of the plans.  Our detailed submission to the consultation can be read here.

At our February 2016 meeting Eben Van Der Westhuizen from Future Merton outlined the results of the consultation and updated us on the proposed next steps.  You can see his presentation here.


Summer 2015:

Our June 2015 meeting was held at Poplar Primary School.  We discussed plans to redevelop the centre of Morden.

The meeting of about 100 people agreed we need to keep close to the plans as they develop in order to ensure as much as possible the plans to revitalise Morden do not result in unreasonable impacts on surrounding households.

Parking and the size of the development were raised as major concerns.  To view Merton Council's background information on the plans click here .



In our Autumn 2013 edition of FORUM we told you about the plans. They promised not only to transform the town centre but also to have a significant impact on nearby households.

The Council’s consultation on the Draft Planning Brief was frankly not an easy read. So we invited you to complete our own survey and have your say whilst the ground rules for the project were still up for discussion.   We received nearly 100 responses which we have sent to Merton Council.  The  results were discussed at our December 2013 meeting.  To see the summary results click here.  

Thanks to your responses the Council have taken on board several of your concerns. The Planning Brief adopted by Merton’s Cabinet in mid-March contained several amendments from the original brief.
Residents had many concerns, chiefly about the height of buildings close to existing dwellings, especially near Daybrook Road, Kenley Road, Windermere Avenue and Kendor Gardens. They wanted commercial development to be concentrated close to the town centre with a wide variety of retail outlets. Fewer than 20% felt the London Road end of the site should rise above 6 storeys. Several people raised the importance of adequate parking and the need to avoid a strain on local services.

The Brief now takes account of these and many other issues you raised but we should note:

• It’s a Brief, not a plan. It will now be presented to developers to generate interest in the potential for
the site. The whole process to completion will be a long one; planning applications are not expected
until later in 2015.
• The Brief leaves open the possibility of some tall buildings in the town centre, although the heights
are not specified.
• It says that parking provision must comply with the London Plan, i.e. it should ‘promote the use of
sustainable modes of transport’.
This is the biggest single development our ward has ever seen. You can be sure your Independent ward councillors will continue to follow it very closely.