Nelson Local Care Centre and Adjacent Care Home



Nelson Medical Practice 

Several residents responded to our invitation in Autumn 2015 FORUM to share their experiences of the new Nelson Health Centre.  They identified problems with booking GP appointments, getting through on the phone and in obtaining prescriptions.  We met the Medical Practice to discuss these issues and reported back to our residents.  The Pharmacy came in from the cold of the car park in April 2016.  Problems in making appointments and with prescriptions are being addressed.  Residents who are patients at the Nelson may have received a two-page letter from the Medical Practice on precisely these points.

We are pleased the Medical Practice is aware of the problems and striving to improve.  With your input we shall continue to provide them with feedback, positive and negative.

If you would you like to have a say about the services provided at The Nelson Medical Practice there are two groups you could join the Patient Participation Group and the Patient Reference Group.  Click here for details and registration.


 Nelson Health Centre Opens

Nelson Hospital 

On February 3 2015 Dr Sion Gibby from NHS Merton Care Commissioning Group talked to 65 MPWRA members about the Nelson Health Centre.  Here again is a five-minute video which “walks through” the new Nelson:

Here is a newsletter produced by the GP surgeries which contains a Q & A section covering some of the queries raised on February 3. 

There was also a question about a letter box for prescription requests outside opening hours.  There currently isn’t a letter box on the Nelson site.  However we have been assured this is in hand and there will be one by April.

Every patient from both GP practices will receive a letter advising them of the move date, new telephone number and any other relevant information.  This is expected in early March.

The dedicated NHS webpage contains further useful information on the new Health Centre.


Further information and Previous Newsletters

The Nelson LCC page of Merton CCG's website gives more information on the facility.

NHS Newsletter (July 2014): click here

The NHS and their contractors, Rydon, circulated a newsletter to houses close to the site in late in Late August 2013 which you can read if you click here.  Note the telephone number you can call to contact Rydon direct.

For their latest newsletter, click here

Frequently asked Questions

At a meeting for residents held in June 2013 there were several questions to the contractors.  You can read these questions and their anwers if you click here.



Here is the latest newsletter from McCarthy & Stone which gives their impression of the visual impact of the finished building on nearby roads.  It also details the changes McCarthy & Stone introduced following their consultation with residents in early 2013.  Click here  Note the freephone number you can call with queries.